Ways to Happiness

When defined in simple terms, happiness can be said to be a condition of the mind in which one feels good and pleasant with things. Other states usually linked with happiness are sexual pleasure, safety, love, joy and satisfaction. Various things can make us to be happy and some of these are superb personal relationships, promotion at work, new marriage or even winning the lottery.

In recent times, scientists have been able to devise a kind of formula, which they recommend for people to get happiness. The formula addresses some of the most pertinent questions about happiness, such as how to be sincerely happy. The researchers have concluded that it is not an easy thing to remain happy, and this is further buttressed by the fact that we face a lot of challenges on a daily basis. And as a matter of fact, we cannot live without these challenges, as they are part and parcel of life. So how does not become and stay happy in the face of all these obstacles.

The desire to want to be happy is one that is instinctive to every one of us as human beings. Interestingly, the way we interpret happiness varies from person to person. For some, it is seeing the sunrise while some others become happy when they are told some very funny jokes. One other way through which people get happy is by engaging themselves in pursuits that they really enjoy doing. When you keep doing a task that you like, you will surely get contented and happy at the same time. One other thing that can trigger the feeling of happiness in one is to be valued and appreciated by others. This is quite difference from a case where one is not even appreciated or encouraged.

However, one can only be truly happy when one has been able to attach value and meaning to one’s existence. This is in addition to placing importance and worth to others as well as happiness is not tantamount to selfishness. One must also realise the fact that to be happy does not mean that one will be faultless or flawless as where not perfect as humans. Psychologists say that most people find it quite difficult to become happy as they waste too much time trying to please the society instead of being true to themselves. Thus, to be happy, it is important that you remain yourself.

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